Sidewall Spools

Red and White
Navy and Yellow Gold
Navy and Yellow Gold
Red and White
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$5.00 - $30.00
SKU: SW100
Color: Information
Gotta keep that mesh in there some how. Might as well do it in style. Our Lacrosse Sidewall Spools are100 yards. 
Check out our new multi-colored sidewall spools! A Stick Doctor exclusive
All of our sidewall colors are available in 10 yard pieces.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by dak , 09/09/2012

good stuff. but could have burned the tip on the end that would look a little better, but its no big deal

Reviewed by Harrison , 09/27/2011

I Think that they should have a 50 yd. spool because I still have 80 yd. left, and i have had it for two years. really great quality.

Reviewed by Cory , 04/12/2011

i have had my spool of forest green sidewall for a season and a half now, its about 1/10 gone and i've strung about 9 heads, 3 of which being goalie heads and none of them have broken a sidewall yet, its good stuff

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