LAX Tips Mesh

There is a lot of noise out there regarding mesh. Stick Doctor has been selling mesh, strings, shooters, leathers and a wide range of LAX accessories for more than 16 years.


Yesterdays greats played with either hard mesh or soft mesh. Canadians favored soft mesh for the indoor game. Americans used hard mesh, and I do mean “hard,” to offset the elements in adverse weather, mostly in the Northeast and Midwest.


The deal with hard mesh was that it was a bit tougher to string, (I had guys in California in the late 90’s wanted the hardest mesh we could make), but once a pocket was “broken in,” it lasted and lasted…and lasted. Sidewall strings would fail long before pocket integrity was compromised.


Today there are lots and lots of options for mesh, and frankly, in my opinion, not  huge difference in performance. That’s why we offer most major brands as well as our own, “Best Mesh” and “Super Mesh” brands.


Great players, colleges, pros, use what they like, are given to play with or paid to use. That should tell you something about which mesh is truly the best. A variety of great players use a variety of mesh. The real key is the installation or string job. Find a good, or better, great stringer to string your stick. That used to be hard to do…now, there are plenty around. And keep this one important thing in mind…You CAN’T buy success. The time you spend with your stick and a ball is the measure of growth as a lacrosse player.


Stick Doctor is proud to be the oldest stringing material supplier in the world. We provide quality products at fair prices and back it all up with great service. We appreciate your trust and will do our best to continue to earn it.