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Choose a mesh to be part of your custom Stick Doctor lacrosse stringing kit, then YOU pick all the colors! Stringing kits include everything you need . . . mesh, three shooting laces (also called shooting strings) and plenty of sidewall string. You even have the option to replace half of the sidewall with toplace*. We add a ball stop, butt end, head screw, and an official Stick Doctor sticker. Who doesn't love stickers?!
The prices reflect the TOTAL cost of the kit.

*As we carry many more colors of sidewall than toplace, if you choose this option, we will include the toplace color that best matches the rest of your kit.

East Coast Wax Mesh Stringing Kit

15mm, 6D, and 12mm Goalie

Lacrosse Mesh Kit
Lacrosse Hard Mesh Stringing Kit

10 D, 8 D, 7 D, 6 D or 5 D Mesh.

$10.00 - $12.00
Super  Mesh Lacrosse Stringing Kit
Super Mesh Stringing Kit
$10.00 Specials
Goalie Lacrosse Mesh Kit

Standard, 10 D or 12 D.

$14.75 - $18.00